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Archive for August, 2008

Rabbit & a Duck

August 20th, 2008 | Category: Tales From The Rally

Ok so note to sElf, if you split your bags up into multiple cars, make sure you don’t put your pants in a car that gets pulled over. We currently in Cedar Rapids, IA! We learned first hand tonight about the difference between ”1st St” & ”First Street” tonight. One takes you to dinner, the other to a dead end Deliverence moment.

This morning started off at 8:30am meeting like usual and on the road by 9. I tried to ride with the GTR, blue 350z & the monster truck, but got stuck with the VW Rabbit in some traffic & lost them. the ferrari was way out front & everyone else was a few minutes behind us. we cruised for awhile till I needed to stop for gas & that’s when w heard that the entire group behind us had been pulled over because of all the attention the ferrari and front guys were making. we ended up 8 miles behind the Divx BMW & a good 30 miles in front of everyone that got pulled over. so we we in our happy place for the whole drive today. I guess its a good thing a silver rabbit with pink grfx & 5 antenna doesn’t stick out too much. they also run a live video feed which is pretty cool so you might cztch me there if I ride with them again.

all in all today was a good ride. yesterday was pretty long but only because the night before was even crazier. 2 guys got kicked off the rally for just doing some stupid stuff. lesson learned. don’t throw glasses, pee in elevators or break vases.

tomorrow we are headed over to Hastings, NE for our track time at MPH! I don’t think they’ll let me run the bike, but at least ill get to relax and chill all day. its not that im sore or anything, just tired from the long days & short nights. on that note im off to sleeps.
oh check speed tv & official aka site to see who’s streaming live video. probly hidden in the aka rally forum pages…

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Let the games begin!

August 18th, 2008 | Category: Tales From The Rally

Wow. it’s official. I’m riding in the AKA Rally from NY to Vegas, and we are leaving in 6 hours! This slingshot card is pretty cool too. I’m actually typing from it right now. very exciting stuff eh?

Today was get your graphics on and get the electronics sorted day! All the cars rolled in eventually and everyone got it all sorted. Theres still a few cars that need some laser stars to get installed but all in all everyone is pretty much good to go! Met pretty much all of the drivers at one point or another today and everyone helped out in one way or another. The Ferrari, Ducati and the BMW all got here without a scratch and after a bit of confusion with the quoted price and “deposits” everything got sorted out finally. i still think i got charged an extra $100 but I’ll have to sort that out when i get home. picture from today and tomorrow will indeed be posted up tomorrow evening, i promise! so you all wont be missing much for too much longer.

oh tonight was also the official drivers meeting/safety talk/sponsor thank yous speeches too. a few people dressed up but i just decided to rock the usual leopard jeans with the metallic shirt. i would have taken more pictures but my shirt kept messing up the camera flashes. We also wont know where we are headed each day until the morning meeting with the time sheet and schedule for that day too. im off to repack everything into the little bags and then pass out before starting the great journey!

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this should be interesting

August 17th, 2008 | Category: Tales From The Rally

well we made it to the start hotel! quite a few cars are already here and we’ve already got quite a few good stories & we haven’t even left yet! the rally leaves NY tuesday so tomorrow is going to be install prep day for everyone. no sign of any speed tv cameras or crew just yet. everyone so far has been really cool & supportive of the guy on the bike! ill have some good pics and better posts up as soon as I get the broadband card for my laptop…

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ny at last

August 16th, 2008 | Category: General Mayhem

the rally hasn’t even started yet and we’ve already got quite a few fun stories! from diapers stuck on the plane to finding a hotel to the dogs love of Beef. its only going to get crazier too!
transport comes in tomorrow so ill have a bit of work to do then along with more of a relevant post.

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i can has internet

August 15th, 2008 | Category: General Mayhem

This just in from Chris: Slingshot is providing high-speed 3g wireless broadband USB modems to every car with 2 months of service! So I guess I wont have to pay for wifi at the hotels every night and I’ll be able to upload HD videos and pics at 3g speeds during the ride. Also trying to talk some of the other cars into running Seero so we’ll have live web cam feeds with chat and a Google Earth Map location during the rally. Thats about it for today. Still need to pack everything somehow & pick-up the vinyl tomorrow morning. Oh and get the throttle lock/wrist rest up in the valley…

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48 hours

August 14th, 2008 | Category: General Mayhem

Did a test run of the HD camera stuck on the windshield of the Highlander. Holy crap it was shaky at only 20 MPH. Can’t imagine it at highway speeds on the bike. So ran by Home Depot and got a whole bunch of stuff to increases the support and footprint of the little Aiptek. Initial test footage will be posted up soon in all of it’s HD goodness. Also got a few pics of the transport loading up from the Beef:

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HD bike cam

August 13th, 2008 | Category: General Mayhem

While waiting for the VholdR contact to get back to me, I stumbled across the Aiptek A-HD+ 1080p camera. Didn’t really stumble, I came across it a year ago but never relaly found a reason to get one. Records 120 min of HD 1080p footage on an 8 Gig SDHC memory card just as the battery should be about empty too. Not too shabby for $150 at BestBuy. If it decides to come off during the trip I won’t be all too sad and it should last long enough to get some sweet HD footage on the road. It’s also small enough to take off the bike and throw in a shirt pocket during the parties/insanity. YouTube doesn’t play nice with HD footage so I’ll be uploading to Vimeo and then linking to the movies from here. I also got a universal GPS suction cup mount and a mini-tripod to McGuyver into a bike mount! The reviews all say that it sucks in low light conditions, the audio is terrible, auto-focus is kinda screwy at times and theres no optical zoom. But what did you expect for a $150 “disposable” HD cam? Heres the Acculign rear sets to keep you all occupied for a bit:

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Calm before the storm…

August 12th, 2008 | Category: Bike Update, General Mayhem

The Acculign rear sets and levers came in today! I can’t wait to get them on the bike in NY. The Vizalert & PowerSense node will be coming tomorrow via UPS. Still need to get a hydration pack for the No Drag bag, get the graphics cut and do some laundry. Kelly at VholdR is out of the office until next week and she forwarded my info on to someone else at the office. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a camera by Friday! Bike should be in about Texas now…

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Off like a prom dress…

August 11th, 2008 | Category: Bike Update, General Mayhem

Got the bike up on the trailer and out to the semi for shipment over to NY this morning. Guess theres no turning back now! The M3, Ducati and Ferrari are all on their way to NY now! Vince has a killer Ferrari and is quite the rally pro. He’s got more ninja gadgets than me and will be a good car to keep in contact with along the drive. At least if my radio dies, I’ll be able to hear him for several miles with his exhaust. Think the bike is going to be uncomfortable? Think about driving a Ferrari for 3000 miles with that engine screaming the whole way! Also saw Som’s DivX M3. He’s coming fully prepped with a trunk filled with a huge tool box, spares, jack, stands, and anything else imaginable. It looks like the beef is going to be purchasing a car on the east coast and driving it back in true rally spirit! The Cheetah Vizalert and the Acculign rear sets/levers are also in the mail and should be coming soon! I kept my helmet here in CA so I’ll be able to play with the GPS and everything before so I can get it working nicely. Also sounds like there is going to be a LaserStar install party in NY after all. For at least half of us anyway.

Now all I have to do is some laundry and I’m good to go! Well, that and unpack/repack everything thirty different times to figure out the best way to maximize storage. I’ve decided against a tank bag because it just gets in the way it seems. There are a few smaller ones that look pretty nice, but I’m going to be making quite a few gas stops and dont want to hassle with taking it on and off every 150 miles…

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August 10th, 2008 | Category: Bike Update

GPS is up and running and has bluetooth so it uses the cell phone to dial and the chatterbox for audio. It can also play MP3s so when i get tired of hearing all the drama in the cars, I’ll be able to click that on! It also has a slide show function which confuses me. I don’t know when I’d ever need to watch a slide show while riding. Maybe I’ll find a reason on the rally?

The bike is almost done! I’m going to wait to put all of the graphics on until i get to NY because i still need to get a few more sponsor graphics cut and figure out where everything is going to fit. The electronics that are here are all wired up, switched and fused!┬á Also ran Aux. power for whatever else I might get within the next week, just in case.

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