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AKA Rally 2009 Live Feeds

August 01st, 2009 | Category: 2009 Rally

2009 AKA Rally Team Updates

July 31st, 2009 | Category: 2009 Rally

AKA 2009 Site Goes Live

April 03rd, 2009 | Category: 2009 Rally

AKA Rally

Site is live with registration, pics, video and more now! Check it out!

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AKA 2009 Info…

March 03rd, 2009 | Category: 2009 Rally

Is coming soon! Chris said by the end of the week. So check the new AKA boards for info or just check back here I guess!

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Team Illadelph AKA Video

January 23rd, 2009 | Category: Tales From The Rally

Team Illadelph has posted their highlights from the 2008 AKA Rally. See it in all of it’s HD glory on Vimeo!

AKA RALLY from chris arader on Vimeo

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Will blog to rally?

January 14th, 2009 | Category: 2009 Rally

So I’ve been reading up on “How to make money with your blog.” And figured it might be an option to get me out & on the road. Will blog to rally should be more like it though. Finding monetary sponsors for me & the bike is still pretty hard because I’m not as big as Team Polizei. I’ve got plenty of support for product and the bike is pretty much tricked out. So, I’ve turned to the internets for a bit of I CAN HAS SPONSOR?

First option/idea is to take the bike and cut up all of the bodywork into a 1″ x 1″ grid and literally sell off squares for a price. Come away with some money to cover rally fees and should have a pretty sweet looking paint job in the end too! With the Gumball 3000 & the AKA Rally, sponsors will be well publicized and get plenty of coverage worldwide.

Another option is to have ads and links here with AdSense and a few other ad based revenue sites. Are a few banners really worth the trouble, and would it really contribute all that much? I’ll keep playing around with it and see if there isn’t a happy medium.

A few other sites also recommend having a PayPal donate button on the site. If anyone is interested in that, let me know and we’ll work out some ad space or some coverage of some sort. PayPal and money orders are always good though!

Shwag! But of course! Rally Duc shirts and hats will be coming soon along with some posters and fun stuff within the end of the month! CafePress is great because it sets-up all of the printing and shipping for you! So the RallyDuc Shwag store will be open for business soon. I’ve already got a few graphic artists working on ideas.

So how can you make money with your blog? I’m still trying to figure that out myself. If/when I do get it right, I’ll be sure to let you all know…

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AKA Rally 2008 Teaser

September 29th, 2008 | Category: Tales From The Rally

Spocks teaser is the first of the rally footage up online! Chris is sending me all of the raw footage eventually so I’ll cut something fun together. Until then, enjoy this:

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Day 7: Utah - Vegas!

September 05th, 2008 | Category: Tales From The Rally

Day 7
Mileage: About 300 or so
Destination: I’ve already forgot what hotel we stayed at. Apparently we were supposed to stay somewhere on the strip but things changed and we ended-up at some little place off the strip by the convention center.

But before we get to the hotel we stopped for some off road dune buggy action! The guide said he knew we were a rowdy bunch but the first tour group flipped 2 buggies. I was riding in a buggy with Ed the TunerIcons 350Z guy driving. i glanced over while we were driving to see the bottom of a buggy flying through the air and land on its roof. Of course Mike Boost was somehow going to be the first to destroy one but he was actually riding passenger in the rolled buggy. Within minutes Beef’s went rolling by. By the end of the day we had claimed 4 dead buggies and Chico broke the steering column on his by trying too hard. We also got a quick group picture in at Las Vegas Speedway right as the rain was rolling in before we left for the dunes so it was a nice and muddy drive.

The blue turbo Z was drifting the wet parking lot when we got back from the buggies and in the process managed to melt a wiring harness. There’s nothing quite like valet parking a Z on the back of a flat bed in Vegas. 3 miles away from the hotel is also when Chris’ BMW decided to die and have issues but he managed to limp the rest of the way to the hotel! We had all made it! The bike was still back firing but not all too bad and as long as I kept the revs steady she was fine! The week flew by and I didn’t want to leave all of my new friends.

Like I said at the awards ceremony that night: If it wasn’t for Chris, my ass would be fine, I’d still have some money and my right hand would still be usable. But I wouldn’t have 65 kick ass new friends! Spirit of the rally award went to Savannah & Beef for their loss of the Lotus days before the transport only to buy a new car in NY and then drive it back! Always smiling award went to Chris & Michael in the Boxster. And the most insane award/didn’t think they’d make it award went to the Krazy House Customs Brandon & John who then gave it to me for my lack of sanity for doing it on a bike. That was also when we realized that I was also driving/riding the oldest car/bike in the rally with a 1996 Duc! Also most tickets went to PT with 5 or 6 tickets I think. I forget the total count at the moment.

So all in all it was a good first rally and what a way to start too! I’ve already started planning for 2009 and hopefully there will be more 2-wheelers rolling with the cars next year. Bobbi said she’d ride but if there was a trailer/bus should her butt get sore and Jason’s 1098 will be back together with a new engine and ready to play on a trailer on the back of the Cayenne. i know I’ve forgotten quite a bit in these brief recounts of the insanity but as I remember more, I’ll add new posts along with pictures as they are collected. I’ve also decided to keep the RallyDuc web site around to keep the world up to date on the bikes, the rally, and the random stuff that is Justin. SPEEDtv show schedule will also be up here eventually.

If I can rally on a 1996 Ducati 916S, anyone can do it!

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Day 2: Columbus - Cedar Rapids 8/20

September 04th, 2008 | Category: Tales From The Rally

Day 2: Columbus : Cedar Rapids

Distance: 560 Miles

Drivers Meeting: 8:30AM

Destination: Clarion - 525 33rd Avenue, SW. Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Day 2 Party: Vinos & the Book Bar - 3611 First Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Why do we have to leave so early? I’m organizing a night rally in the future. 8:30 is way to early after a long night or partying but such is life on the rally! All of the cars rolled out together from the hotel in the morning and quickly split up into 2 groups. The first group was the ferrari, blue 350z turbo and a few of the BMW’s and the GTR. The back group was, well, everyone else. I ended-up riding in the middle with the VW Rabbit guys. We found a happy pocket without much trouble. Between text messages, CB and 2-way radios, we learned that the cars up front were getting a lot of bad attention causing everyone at the back to get pulled over. Rolling solo with DurkaDeno proved to be the way to travel today! We hit a few traffic delays but thanks to the magic of live video streams, we were able to find another traffic free route. It was also a very Cannonball run moment for me. The Rabbit & Ducati driving down a little 2-lane highway through a quaint little town out in the middle of corn. Rabbit passes a tractor trailer then for some reason the trailer veers off the road and drops its tires into the dirt making dust go everywhere, leaving Ryan & Anand wondering what I did! Luckily I had plenty of space to slow down. I guess the “Roadside Assistance” confused him or he thought they were a cop with all of their antennae or something so he locked up his brakes. It was a great little side road that quite a few others ended-up taking too. It finally felt like a “rally” for me at that moment. Turns out we were way ahead of everyone when we got to the hotel so we had awhile to relax and wait for everyone else to roll in.

The party that night was at Vinos and the Book Bar. I rode with the Beef, Savannah, Durka and Nicky in Beefs new BMW. So there we were. Out in the middle of nowhere. Driving around in the dark past burnt down barns, boarded up windows, and flooded out streets. Unlike a few others, we turned back when we saw the “road closed” signs and decided to find another route to the wrong place. Headed further into the swamps we saw headlights ahead and knew we were getting closer! Only to find that it was the Volvo, Porsche, BMW and the Blue 350Z that had already found the end of the road. Note to self and all GARMIN GPS owners. There’s a big difference between “First Ave.” and “1st Ave.” One will take you to the restaurant, the other will take you to a dark dead end where the locals take their girlfriend’s sisters for some “alone time.” Back on track to the party, came across a local in a Mustang. Looked stock but was definitely tweaked and gave a few cars a good run for their money.

Also learned that as soon as I do something stupid, cameras will be there. Damn camera ninjas. They’re good…

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Day 1: NYC - Columbus 8/19

September 04th, 2008 | Category: Tales From The Rally

Day 1 : NYC : Columbus
Distance: 535 miles
Drivers Meeting: 8:30AM
Departure Time: 9:00AM
Destination: Westin Columbus - 310 South High Street. Columbus, OH 43215
Day 1 Party: Ugly Tuna - 1546 N High Street. Columbus, OH 43201

8:00AM came way to soon after the previous nights insanity. Luckily everyone else was bleary eyed, hung over and didn’t sleep much due to anticipation and excitement! The NY police were out in full force and waiting for someone to do something stupid in the parking lot after the doughnuts and drift session just some 6 hours before in the hotel parking lot. I gassed up the night before, got my route card and keyed it into the GPS. I was in for a long ride! The first few stages were the longest and I was told that they would gradually start to get shorter at the end. I was still hyped up on Verve and adrenaline that a 535 mile ride for the first day didn’t seem all to bad! The Krazy House truck left as soon as they got their cards but I figured they’d need the head start given the size of the truck! The ferrari, GT-R and a few others took off and quickly jumped to the front. I played it easy and stayed with the middle pack because I knew my 4 stops for gas was going to put me at a disadvantage. Ryan & Anand in the Roadside Assistance VW Rabbit with the 5 antennae were a huge help working the CB and directing everyone. They would quickly become my riding buddies and making the rally great for bikes! My radio was solid and I could hear the cars on their 2-ways but talking to them at anything over 40 MPH was pretty much impossible. I got to ride with everyone on the rally and saw just how everyone drives. illadelph got some great pics in the tunnels leaving NY. They’d take some great pics and usually had a camera guy hanging out of a window/sunroof for most of the trip.
The drive wasn’t too bad and everyone made it to the hotel. We then cabbed it to the Ugly Tuna for some more drinks, food and fun! Walking up the stairs to the bar I was having a strange feeling that I’ve seen this place before. It wasn’t until about an hour later when I was inside that I realized why I knew it! It was on Unsolved Mysteries! That’s always a good start. Luckily no one went missing and we all eventually made it back to the hotel. Lesson for the night, don’t be the last one out of the bar or you’ll get stuck with the rally bar tab. I think it was around $200 for the night.

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