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Archive for the 'Bike Update' Category

2009 Rally Prep

September 03rd, 2008 | Category: Bike Update, General Mayhem

Ran into Alex Roy the other day in Hollywood! A pretty nice guy if I do say so myself. I just got back from the rally and am already having withdrawals. What does he do for money besides rally? I have yet to rip the bike open to find out what is causing the backfiring. Maybe the carbs got way out of sync? Air leak? Moab gopher in exhaust? Not sure. Will find out this weekend. I still need to update the site with day to day rally events, the route, gas stops, lunch breaks, pranks, and general mayhem. I left my route book at home but figure I might be able to get some of that done tonight along with uploading all of the pics Nike & Som took on my camera.

Ok so now theres roughly 350 days till AKA 2009! Where to start? As much as I’d love to take the 916 out for another cross country jaunt, I’m not sure the engien in it’s current state will take the abuse yet again. I’ve also got some big plans for aluminum panels on her with the help of Linq Designs. More on that later. Way later.

I’m seriously considering a bike for next year. The ride wasn’t all that hard, just the frequent stops for gas and then playing slow down or catch-up to the rest of the pack. Could be a good excuse to get on a 1098 or possibly a white 848? Either one would be a noble steed for the ride. Also considering something more car-ish with a bit of bike in it still like the T-Rex Campagna or possibly even an Ariel? If anyone has any hook ups at either or knows of any potential sponsors, let me know! I’m still recovering from ‘08 but in the true rally spirit & a slow day at work, I’ve started specing out saddle bag gas tanks :)

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Calm before the storm…

August 12th, 2008 | Category: Bike Update, General Mayhem

The Acculign rear sets and levers came in today! I can’t wait to get them on the bike in NY. The Vizalert & PowerSense node will be coming tomorrow via UPS. Still need to get a hydration pack for the No Drag bag, get the graphics cut and do some laundry. Kelly at VholdR is out of the office until next week and she forwarded my info on to someone else at the office. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a camera by Friday! Bike should be in about Texas now…

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Off like a prom dress…

August 11th, 2008 | Category: Bike Update, General Mayhem

Got the bike up on the trailer and out to the semi for shipment over to NY this morning. Guess theres no turning back now! The M3, Ducati and Ferrari are all on their way to NY now! Vince has a killer Ferrari and is quite the rally pro. He’s got more ninja gadgets than me and will be a good car to keep in contact with along the drive. At least if my radio dies, I’ll be able to hear him for several miles with his exhaust. Think the bike is going to be uncomfortable? Think about driving a Ferrari for 3000 miles with that engine screaming the whole way! Also saw Som’s DivX M3. He’s coming fully prepped with a trunk filled with a huge tool box, spares, jack, stands, and anything else imaginable. It looks like the beef is going to be purchasing a car on the east coast and driving it back in true rally spirit! The Cheetah Vizalert and the Acculign rear sets/levers are also in the mail and should be coming soon! I kept my helmet here in CA so I’ll be able to play with the GPS and everything before so I can get it working nicely. Also sounds like there is going to be a LaserStar install party in NY after all. For at least half of us anyway.

Now all I have to do is some laundry and I’m good to go! Well, that and unpack/repack everything thirty different times to figure out the best way to maximize storage. I’ve decided against a tank bag because it just gets in the way it seems. There are a few smaller ones that look pretty nice, but I’m going to be making quite a few gas stops and dont want to hassle with taking it on and off every 150 miles…

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August 10th, 2008 | Category: Bike Update

GPS is up and running and has bluetooth so it uses the cell phone to dial and the chatterbox for audio. It can also play MP3s so when i get tired of hearing all the drama in the cars, I’ll be able to click that on! It also has a slide show function which confuses me. I don’t know when I’d ever need to watch a slide show while riding. Maybe I’ll find a reason on the rally?

The bike is almost done! I’m going to wait to put all of the graphics on until i get to NY because i still need to get a few more sponsor graphics cut and figure out where everything is going to fit. The electronics that are here are all wired up, switched and fused!┬á Also ran Aux. power for whatever else I might get within the next week, just in case.

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Work work work!

August 10th, 2008 | Category: Bike Update

I managed to get the bike out of the garage and in the house so I’ll be able to work away through the night if need be. The other ZeroGravity windscreen went on in about 2 minutes and looks killer! I’m going with the double bubble over the sport touring because it looks to have a bit more room under it. The 2nd bubble also goes great with the front lines on the bike too! The Pazzo Levers are on now and took all of 20 minutes to install, but it would have been quicker if i had found the little brake switch actuator which went flying off as soon as the brake lever was off. Finally found it in a groove in the tire tread and all is better.

The Chatterbox is in the helmet and sounding pretty good and loud! At first i was a little worried about the quality of the mount clip, but it already survived rolling off the couch so i think it’ll survive 3000 miles. Now lets just see if the battery really does have 8 hours of talk time and 20 hours of standby time on it.

GPS install is also going to be interesting. So many wires and screws and everything! They really pack a lot into that little box! I’ve got the entire thing spread out all of the carpet downstairs. The only down side to is that the instruction manual comes on a CD. There isnt really anything printed at all. But so far it’s great and isn’t all too bossy about turning and missing off ramps. I’m sure we’ll become great friends during the course of the rally.

Exhaust wrap is here and I’m off to wrap it up now! Sorry about the crappy camera phone pictures, but my real camera still has a dead battery. So you’ll have to settle for 2.5 mega pixels for now…

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Bikes back!

August 09th, 2008 | Category: Bike Update, General Mayhem

Got the bike back from Spectrum today at around 3PM! They really did some fast work on it too. Adrian Stanners was taking care of me there and made sure that all of the really consumables that needed to get fixed/replaced first were done. Ended up with new belts, chain, rear sprocket, clutch, clutch basket, pressure plate, springs, oil drain plug, oil breather tube, new battery, brakes, and new Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires. It’s amazing what a difference a set of new “street” tires can make. It’s also amazing how there aren’t ANY gas stations in Irvine! I was driving around for a good 40 minutes with my fuel light on looking for gas in Irvine off of 3 different freeway exits! Insanity…

None of the electronics are here yet but I feel better knowing that no one on the AKA has a LaserStar unit just yet. No one is sure if we’ll be getting them too. Check the AKA forum for all of that drama. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a VholdR camera for the rally too, just need to make some phone calls on that one to solidify it, I’ll be hackin away at the bike all day tomorrow getting it ready for the transport come Monday morning! I can’t believe the bike is shipping off in all of 24 hours and I’ll be in NY in a week. I promise there will be pics up tomorrow as well as on the transport. Might just be the Ducati & the Modena on the semi too unless Beef can find a new car in time and the M3 gets sorted out in time so he won’t have to drive all the way to NY a few days before the rally. So far the AKA moto is “if it can go wrong, it will…” At least for those coming from the West Coast.

On that note I think I might also have a coolant leak. I’m not sure if the water drips were on the battery when I picked it up or not. It’s a new battery and they washed/cleaned it all up before I got it, so I assume the coolant drips formed sometime during the ride home. So I’ll be hunting that down tomorrow as well…

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And then there were 34…

August 08th, 2008 | Category: Bike Update, General Mayhem

Found out a short while ago that the Beef might not be coming now. At least not in the lotus. Looks like his aftermarket fuel tank was installed wrong somehow and it burnt the car down. Luckily everyone was ok but there was no saving the car. Hopefully we’ll find some way of getting them on the rally in time. The transport is still meeting up at his house on Monday so I’ll have more details then.

Also got a call from Spectrum saying that I needed a new sprocket, oil breather tube, fairing stay, clutch and pressure plate. I knew it was going to need a lot of work, but I guess they didn’t get that when I brought it in and dropped it off. I told them to get all of the major important stuff done first in whatever order they thought was important. We’ll see…

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Crunch time

August 07th, 2008 | Category: Bike Update, General Mayhem

Took the bike in for service at Spectrum Motorsports down in Irvine, CA. Dropped it off and original estimate was it was going to be done on Wed. They also recommended I buy a 1098 for the rally. Hopefully next year I’ll be on a more suitable bike for the long distance runs. Called theBeef back and verified that the transport is coming on Monday! Panic a little and call Spectrum back. Bikes going to be done Saturday afternoon now! Phew. If you’re anywhere around Irvine, CA and need any sort of Ducati, MV or even Aprilia gear/work, I highly recommend Spectrum. They also do a lot of work with the OCDC rider group and we are usually there for meetings, parties and other fun stuff.

I also picked-up the Chatterbox GMRS X1 Bluetooth and have that charging at the moment too. The tinted mirror silver visor is going to be great since we are heading West pretty much the entire time too and the sun is going to be a bit of a pain. I added a stats tracker to the site and it’s producing some very interesting results! Seems everyone is interested in the other teams racing and quite a few people are coming into the site from e-mails and PM’s from other web sites. I found the Ducati Spot that way! I’ve added VholdR to the sponsor list as well. They are cutting me a deal on a helmet camera so I’ll have daily videos posted here and at the VholdR site as soon as the camera gets in!

With the bike in for service until Saturday and it shipping off on Monday, it’s looking like I’ll have quite a bit of work with all of the electronics and installing everything in NY. At least I’ve got 2 prep/relax/panic days before the start to get it all sorted. I’ll hook-up the Vizalert, V1, and LaserStar to the Dark Bike in the garage so I’ll be able to play with it for a bit and get familiar with the layout of everything. Hopefully I’ll get to swing by the Roosevelt this Saturday or head down to San Diego with theBeef to catch the Gumball 3000 action.

Forgot to add, I’ll be rolling on new Pirelli Diablo’s for the trip. I was trying to figure out where to stop half way to change the rubbers and run softer stickies, but figured I’d save the hassel and just see how these last…

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17 days…

July 31st, 2008 | Category: Bike Update

And theres still so much work that needs to get done! The transport is leaving Aug 11th now so I have a bit more time to get the bike into the shop for service and everything, but not by much. Booked my ticket with the Beef and a few others headed out of LAX on the 16th. I’ve been looking into the Chatterbox GMRS X1 Bluetooth. Alicia tells me 2-way radios are the main source of communication so that should hopefully help keep me in the loop with everyone and get GPS updates along with phone calls! The bike is quickly becoming way more tricked out then the Highlander! The SUV will get some attention and work when I get back. Maybe the LaserStar unit? We’ll see.

Ran by PepBoys and picked up a new horn and a giant button for it so I can mount the horn under the seat and the giant button on the triple tree to pass DMV inspection. I was thinking of getting a semi-truck air horn but feared they might not find it all too amusing and fail me yet again.

My main fear with this rally is dead batteries and electrical gremlins which the early Duc’s have been know for. Should I carry an extra little Odyssey battery and a Trickle Charger for nights? Or should I get a little solar charger and mount it on the tail bag? There’s going to be quite a bit of a drain on the system with low beam, tail lights, GPS, cell phone & LaserStar all on at one time. Not sure what the Chatterbox battery is like too so there’s a chance i might have to plug that in to…

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Taking a Ducati to a Suzuki dealer…

July 30th, 2008 | Category: Bike Update

Trailered the bike over to a Suzuki bike shop to get the DMV light certification thing so I could get my registration tags. Well, get it loaded up, and all the lights work. Get there and the guy checks the lights, and then goes off on how this is wrong and that is wrong. Thinks the kevlar kit is fake, my brake pedal is bent in too close, the stock battery is way too big, missing the front windscreen bracket which will cause the whole kit to shatter at low speeds and the clutch is messed up he says. After all that’s said and done, he hops on the bike and looks at the horn button which gets stuck in. “I can’t pass you with the horn broken. Go get it fixed.” That’s what I get for taking a Ducati to a Suzuki dealership.

On a happy side note the Zero Gravity screens came and and look great! I’m going to try the double bubble on first when I fix the horn tonight…

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